Denis Pakowacz

My submission for girl Glue volume 2 - theres some absolutely amazing ladies in this issue (some of which i would never even dream of being along side) can’t wait to see how this issue turns out, i’m sure it will be amazing and beautiful. i drew a young goth witch for all my honeys cooped up in their rooms at night, listening to Nick Cave and keeping sour faces hidden from everything but the the above to be taken to my bigcartel xo

New print for sale

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Jimmy, Kamalei and milu are my biggest fans and also my fav Americans

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Bought myself some new babies 🌵

Cursed - II

Tomorrows list of activities include: 


everything-turns-grey asked Oh okay shweet, I could always send ya some money for it if you wish.. really don't mind!!

I sent it yesterday! So you should get it next week hopefully :)